ÜBER HOCKEY                                                                        

  • UberHockey @NorthSomersetHC Hi guys, affraid we haven't any opportunities left at the mo this season. Good luck this weekend 19th September @ 11:20
  • UberHockey @LewesHockeyClub A nice milestone reached on a Friday! This must surely be celebrated sensibly tonight. Good luck at the weekend guys! 19th September @ 11:13
  • NorthSomersetHC @UberHockey hey guys! Looking for sponsorship links for our club!? Any ideas? Contacts? #pleasehelp 19th September @ 09:51
  • Daihockey @UberHockey can you do me a deal on 7 facemasks? #hockeyfamily 19th September @ 09:45
  • UberHockey OK Students,Tweet us your pics of your Hockey Freshers stall and our favourite will in one of our Dick of the Day Hi-Viz vests! PLEASE RT 19th September @ 09:12