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  • UberHockey Nice to see an international goal for #teamuber member @MathewMing yesterday. 20th April @ 09:28
  • UberHockey @MathewMing great work mate. Nice to get on the score sheet! #teamuber 20th April @ 09:27
  • UberHockey RT @MathewMing: Great win today against the hosts Germany 3-2. Good start to the tournament, nice to get on the scoresheet. Hopefully more … 20th April @ 09:26
  • UberHockey RT @EnglandHockey: England U18 Boys beat hosts Germany 3-2 in their 1st match of Easter 4 Nations at Mannheim. Goals from Sanford, Skinner,… 20th April @ 09:24
  • UberHockey RT @DewyDewy13: @UberHockey Stayed sober today to drive back to Lincoln to see @RonJichardson Defo worth it but off back to get involved fu… 20th April @ 07:47