ÜBER HOCKEY                                                                        

  • UberHockey @StephenMilnes seems like he has a decent attitude too. Played with desire for his few games at Leeds 16th April @ 21:07
  • StephenMilnes @UberHockey gets plenty if game time next season. Never been given a fair crack at it since we signed him. 16th April @ 21:07
  • StephenMilnes @UberHockey Something our other strikers have been struggling to di all season. Too little too late but hope he is given a new contract and 16th April @ 21:06
  • UberHockey @MathewMing locked and loaded! Let us know how you get on #teamuber 16th April @ 20:57
  • UberHockey RT @MathewMing: Ready for 4 Nations in Germany #teamuber @UberHockey http://t.co/Ev5QS4ctBq 16th April @ 20:56